Thursday, 21 July 2011

Technology Reflection

During my summer vacation, I looked into and experimented with new ways to integrate technology into my classes and stimulate student learning. Throughout the past school year, I was happy with the presence of ICT in my classroom and student response to these resources. As I enter my second year of teaching, I will continue to integrate this technology. However, I am looking to do so in a more organized fashion to ensure student engagement in the material as well as the use of 21st Century skills.

There are many examples of 21st Century skills that I allow students to use and explore in my classroom. But, is there ever a point where it is too much?

In talking to many professionals in the education field, they are always supportive about trying new ways of integrating ICT into curricular areas. However, there is always one common theme that comes from these conversations: Technology should not direct the learning, but enhance the learning.

My goal for this school year, is to integrate ICT into my classroom while truly enhancing each student's educational experience. As educators, what steps do you take to enhance learning with the use of technology?

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